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Dentist in Millis

"Had my cleaning and exam today. Kristen, the dental assistant, is wonderful. Made me feel comfortable. I am a dental phobic kind of girl. Dr. Tran is amazing. Very meticulous and a fabulous chair side manner. Understanding of my dental fears and answered any questions I had. My teeth were in inspected with the latest technology. That was reassuring that she will keep on top any possible issues in the future. I left feeling like I truly had a brilliant smile. Thank you Dr. Tran and Kristen" - Laura M

"I have chosen Dr. Tran to continue my dental practice because, in addition to her fine credentials and background, she is gentle, meticulous, enthusiastic about her profession and extremely well liked by her patients." - Dr. Barry Shamus

"Dr. Tran gave me back my smile! I used to never show my teeth for pictures, but now I show them off as much as I can after I got my new veneers" - Steve C, Veneer Patient

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